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About Us

What Do We Do?

The Wood Life is a charitable organization created to teach woodworking and life skills to at-risk youths and military veterans.

A range of classes are available from beginner to advanced; introduction to woodworking, beginner projects, joinery, furniture making, boat building, yard and garden structures, home framing to name just a few.  New classes are forming all the time!

The items made by the students are available on our on-line store.  All proceeds are used to offer additional classes.

Why Do We Do It?

Simply put the youth of today are our future!  If we can reach just one youth who needs a interest, a direction or who is simply curious to learn about woodworking and teach them a skill, trade or life lesson we've made a difference!

Woodworking teaches creative thinking, problem solving, organization, patience and many more important life skills.

How Can I Help?

Please consider making a donation of your time and expertise, an in-kind donation of wood or woodworking tools and supplies, or a financial contribution.


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