Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define "at-risk"?

At-risk can mean many things. The Wood Life engages participants who are in jeopardy of not graduating high school and/or have mental health challenges and help them find a path to success. Risk factors we evaluate include; poor attendance in school, low grades, a mental health diagnosis, exposure to drugs and alcohol, involvement with the court system, and low household income, among other things. Generally, we target participants who are challenged by at least two risk factors.

How old must a child be to participate?

We serve youth ages 8 to 18. Students younger or older than this range should contact us for additional information regarding individual programs and exceptions.

"The Wood Life" - what's in a name?

The name is two-fold.  First and foremost, we all know the trite phrase "The Good Life" and the images it conjures up and we know how it makes us feel.  The Wood Life, through woodworking, tries to show our program participants what life can really be like.

Secondly, it is a play on words using the last name of our founder David Wood-dell who has had a lifelong passion for woodworking, the great outdoors, conservation, travel, and helping others.